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our heritage

the iconic beauty of Japanese women and the traditions that inspired Equitance

In Japan, clear, bright and radiant skin has been prized for centuries, praised by poets and prized by women all over the world. Nature is the primary source of this beauty.

True radiance starts from within...

Japanese women have known this for centuries. In Japan, our approach to health is a holistic one: the unity of mind, body and spirit, through exercise, nutrition and wellness-thinking and practices.

Now, Equitance, with parent company Sunstar, of Japan, helps women everywhere achieve truly luminous beauty.

Our vision unites nature, science and philosophy harmoniously, to allow skin’s true radiance to come through.

the art of origami expressed through our packaging


Origami — the Japanese art of folding paper into shapes and figures — links to our heritage but also represents the perfect metaphor for the Equitance vision. We have brought together nature and science and a belief in wellness practices to effectively transform skin’s health and appearance into light-filled beauty. From the design of our bottles, to the delicate folds in the packaging that protects them, the feeling we wish to evoke is that transformation is near…to vibrant, radiantly beautiful skin.



beautiful skin starts from within

Equitance works at the deepest levels to create beautiful radiant skin

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