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about Equitance

our story uniting the powers of nature and science to continuously brighten your beauty

Founded in Japan, 18 years ago Equitance embarked on a quest to uncover the mysteries of radiant beauty. Today, the company’s landmark research has culminated in an exclusive pathway to vital, vibrant skin. Representing the best of Eastern and Western research and practices, Equitance Skin Care brings precisely balanced botanicals and clinically proven technology together to continuously brighten the skin.

Our research revealed that excess melanin production is the root cause of dark spots and discolorations, as well as the slowing of the ‘turnover’ process that discharges melanin from the skin. Equitance topical formulas are designed to focus on the outer skin, helping to brighten the appearance of the skin. Our dietary supplement supports radiance from within the body. It contains an exclusive blend of herbs and antioxidants Vitamins C & B6 which provides nutrition while supporting overall wellness. Exercise and diet help skin achieve optimal performance, glowing with health, vitality and luster.


behind Equitance formulas

balanced botanical ingredients and clinically proven technologies

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